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A variety of career choices crossing the countries

We offer a variety of opportunities in every areas of our business and you will find a place where you can explore many career paths and develop professionally. Our truly international and diverse working environment provides you many opportunities of interacting with colleagues from various diverse backgrounds, working with suppliers and other organizations nationwide, and even working outside the country.

Explore our Career Areas and join us!

Career Areas

Making high quality cars for customers

Production Engineering

Production Engineering plays a key role in developing and improving the processes of cars production. When producing a new model, we cooperate with engineers in Toyota foreign affiliates and develop processes solving issues of Safety, Quality and Cost  for stable production.

Production Support

Our main responsibilities are to conduct production planning based on market demand and to oversee production so that cars can be made as planned. We also support cost reduction promotion activities that improve production cost. In addition, we support creating the good working environment for production members by maintaining safety environment and implementing trainings etc.

Quality Control

We could not win customers trust without QC function.
QC makes sure that all vehicles are perfect quality when they come to customers. Beyond vehicles quality, we utilize our knowledge and train all departments to improve their job quality & make next process happy.

Providing high quality cars for customers


We are responsible for buying the production parts needed to make cars and the other general supplies for offices and facilities. We seek reliable vendors or suppliers and negotiate price & quantity to provide good quality products for our customers and employees.

Marketing & Sales

We study customer trend and forecast the market. Based on possible scenarios, we create the development strategy of products including specification, price, introduction timing,etc.
We also expand distribution network, implement effective advertisement and manage sales operation in order to increase potential customers and improve customer satisfaction.

Customer Service

We provide the best after sales service to all Toyota customers by developing effective sales operation in cooperation with dealers. This enhances the services to customers and helps to create life time customers who trust & love driving Toyota cars.

Supporting “Make” and “Provide”


We are responsible for the “flow” of car parts and completed cars. We total manage the operation from ordering car parts to delivering cars to dealers in order to get things where they need to be when then need to be there. We continue improving safety, cost and timing to satisfy customers by providing the cars just in time.

Business Management

Business Management develops mid to long term business strategy and action plan in order to ensure TMV continuous growth. Our responsibilities include market forecast, profit projection and product planning etc.

Public Relations

PR enhances the company image to outside by strengthening the relationship and communication with media and public. Our responsibilities include making company website, press conference and press release. In addition, we contribute to society through social activities on traffic safety, education, environment etc.


We support the company's growth in mid to long term through managing and reporting the company's finance. Our main responsibilities are to create and analyze financial reporting, plan mid to long term company profit, and promote cost improvement activities.  

Human Resources & General affairs

We support employees' continuous growth and enrichment of their life by planning and implementing various HR policies and other company activities. We involve in a wide range of areas such as training, compensation & benefits, performance management and other supportive works such as secretary & guest service etc.


We are responsible for understanding law change correctly and timely and reflect it to the operations in order to keep TMV a trusted company. We also provide appropriate legal advice & assistance to all departments when needed.


IT focuses optimization of the operational process using technology solution and security enhancement. We develop new systems to make the operations more effective and also engage in daily maintenance of network, database and applications etc.

Meet our people

Name: Bùi Thúy Hà
Title: Manager
Area: Finance & IT Division
Joining date: Jan - 1997

My responsibilities are to make financial planning and manage cost by cooperation with Business function to achieve profit targets set. This job is quite interesting and value added because of clear objective and quantified result. Besides, it is also paid attention by Board management as its importance level.

My career objectives in short term is to strengthen functional operation, training & develop current human resources to meet the higher job requirements. As for long-term perspective, I want to extend my job to other departments/divisions for experience and having management view point in the other field. I always keep in my mind the working concept and also my department MOTO is “ALL FOR ONE and ONE FOR ALL”.

For students: There is a FAR distance between study and practice, therefore, if you are recruited into TMV, please, do not hesitate to start with the simplest job first then move to complex one by non- stop effort to grow up, and adapt to working environment, that will soon lead you to success career.

Name: Nguyễn Viết Ninh
Title: Manager
Area: Dealer business development division
Joining date: Sep - 2000

My responsibility is together with my team to develop and promote the added value products & services for customers to meet all their needs from buying a car until selling the old car and buying a new one again.  At Toyota we would like to create each and every “Customer for life”. 

When driving on "the Toyota way", we have many opportunities to learn and develop our utmost ability, we respect each other and be respected, challenge ourselves on "Continuous improvement". 

Our short term target is to successfully develop Toyota Value Chain in Vietnam and long term is to be a CEO in Car Sales & Service. Our slogan is "Always confirm purpose of your work“

Let join with us if you want to have chance to be an TMV professional!


Name: Huỳnh Anh Tuấn
Title: Deputy General Manager
Area: Manufacturing Division
Joining date: Jun - 1996

I am in charge of Daily Production Instruction and Daily Production Progress Control in plant-wide, for Project Planning Management, my task is to manage New Vehicle Project Preparation in Production Group. 

My job is very hard but I like it because I am interested in taking challenges and developing kaizen idea to improve our business operation. I have been working for TMV for 18 years and I intend to work here longer to contribute as well as develop my career. To motivate myself in daily job, I always work with slogan: “work hard today, smile tomorrow” 

Finally, I would like to say to students who are looking for a career at TMV: TMV is a wonderful workplace, don't lose your opportunity.

Name: Nguyễn Trung Hiếu
Title: Manager
Area: Strategic Planning Division
Joining date: Jul - 2001

I am responsible for coordinating Toyota operation to match with Government policies, including economic policies such as tax and tariff as well as technical regulations. 

As a manager, my job are training, coaching and supervising subordinates for long term systematic enhancement for both the Division & the employees. Well, it sounds like PR but actually I know what I do today can contribute more to a better society of Vietnam tomorrow when we can have better quality car with more affordable price for eco-friendly and safe mobility.

I have set many goals for myself such as productivity, team player, and hopefully I will be recognized for my hard work. I normally remind myself: “Back to the basics”.

For future candidates: Toyota is a worldwide leading car company, I already have my chance to work with leading talents here. Now is your opportunity to work with the best.

Come and join us and good luck.