ICT Program

What is ICT program?

The Intra Company Transferee (ICT) program is 1~2 years overseas training program where employees receive on-the-job training and learn skills and know-how in the foreign affiliates.

The door will open to highly motivated individuals who wish to push themselves hard to improve their skills and to obtain the high level of know-how.

Our employees mainly goes to Toyota affiliates in Thailand, Japan and Singapore.

ICT Trainees at TMV

Focusing development of young staff, we send ICT trainees every year.  Up to 30% (depending on division) of staff participates into ICT program and we continue to make efforts to increase the ICT number for development.

ICT Stories

Name: Phạm Sơn Hậu
Title: Assistant Manager
Area: Quality Control
Joining date: Jul - 2007

ICT in Thailand for 1.5 years (From 2011 to 2013)

I start working for Toyota Motor Vietnam in 2007; my main role is to develop new vehicle models. I have been in Thailand working in the project for model Vios. In that project, I was in charge of Electrical system and supported the two countries on how to function vehicles well. I worked with people from Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan and Indonesia. This is really challenging for me because every day I have to traveled around 320 Km to get to work.

I can learn a lot not only professional skills but also Thailand’s culture. I have learned that there are many nice and friendly people in this country. During and after my ICT programs I have met many good friends that have taught and shown me many new technical support and issues and advice in life.  If you want to have new experience like me, come and join us at Toyota Motor Viet Nam.

Name: Nguyễn Thương Huyền
Title: Senior Staff
Area: Marketing & Sales
Joining date: Jun - 2013

ICT in Japan for 1.2 years (From 2013 to 2014)

During my four years working for TMV as a Product & Pricing Specialist, being dispatched as an ICT to TMAP-MS (Toyota Motor Asia Pacific, Singapore) and TMC (Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan) is indeed the most enriching experience.

I have gained valuable experiences working across various projects for Asia and Middle East regions, have dealt with people of different backgrounds and nationalities. The program has shaped me into a professional who is skilled in product planning, is able to work internationally under high pressure, is robust and dares to face challenges.

I felt proud but also high pressure as the youngest ICT trainees ,but I worked with many young professionals who inspired me and now I feel much grown up and confident to handle my job independently after coming back to TMV.

As for me, being an ICT is not only about work; but also a great occasion to make friends with people all over the world with whom I'm now still keeping in touch.

If you are truly interested in investing in your future, joining TMV’s ICT program can help you meet your goals. 

Name: Lưu Vũ Sơn
Title: Senior Staff
Area: Purchasing
Joining date: Dec - 2009

ICT in Thailand for 2 years (From 2012 to 2014)

Being ICT member means you are representative of Vietnam side in a foreign country. That thought made me felt not only interesting but also a little bit nervous when I was in Thailand. 

My main duty in Thailand is to promote cost planning activity and support Vietnam in auto part purchasing activity. During ICT assignment, I could easily understand how the Toyota global purchasing system operate and also learned so many amazing things to build up my career, such as: Professional working manner, Standard operation, role and responsibility; Project or job management; Logical thinking way, report skill, communication skills , and time management.

Besides, the company will fully support you & your family under ICT, so that, ICT is a good experience and exciting time in your career & life.

My commitment when coming back to TMV is to contribute TMV by applying skills and know-how learned and improving TMV operations to the global standard.

For applicants: Let join TMV and take charge!  Come and see how you can grow up with TMV every day!

Name: Nattawat Klaithapthim
Title: Project Manager
Area: Manufacturing
Joining date: Jan - 2013

ICT from Thailand for 2 years (From 2013 to 2015).

Hi everybody! I’ve come from TMAP-EM (Thailand). I’ve joined TMV for supporting New Cars Project preparation (such as recent Vios, Corolla  models change). These preparation needs technical data and problem reflection from the first countries (usually Thailand and Indonesia) to apply in TMV. I shared my know-how with TMV members and supported coordinating with teams in the first countries for necessary support. 

It is fun to work with TMV members for the same goal beyond nationalities, and it is rewarding to contribute to the development of automobile industry in Vietnam. Our ultimate goal is to provide the best car for Vietnamese‘s customers.

For me, nearly 2 years in TMV is also good chance to learn Vietnamese culture as well as affiliate’s actual working style. That is surely good experience that we cannot buy by money but we can get by making good & sincere relation. 

We are on one big strong boat regardless of background that is covered by big umbrella of TOYOTA Motor Japan.

So, I would like to tell you " Let’s join and work together "