Working Environment


Support you to be a professional. Treat you like family.

With a variety of career choice, we offer attractive working environment in which job satisfaction, personal growth and enrichment of life have a high propriety.  Our focus is to create an environment where employee can grow, contribute and enjoy working. That is why we have a range of programs including development scheme, benefits program and other unique family-friendly activities.

Human Resources Development System

Develop people to be a professional who succeeds globally

“The power of organization comes from skills and diversity of its team members”. Throughout its long history, Toyota group consistently put priority on the human resources development. We have various schemes/programs to develop professions who can work as a key player on a global scale.

  • Training scheme

We offer a variety of Toyota global standard trainings for individual development. As a new comer, you will start with an orientation that helps you to understand our company. Then fundamentals skills trainings with a focus on Toyota work method and problem-solving technique will be provided.  For managers we conduct managers training to improve people management and strategic planning of the business.  Global trainings for high-level management skills are also available to selected managers.  Addition to Toyota standard trainings, we offer the specialized trainings to develop expertise.

  • Rotation scheme

Job rotation scheme has been implemented to give employees the opportunity to explore career paths and expand their skills and knowledge while learning a view of the entire business. We conduct not only rotation between departments but also rotation between countries (ICT program) to help employees to be multi-skills.

Learn more about ICT Program

  • Mentoring Program

We have a mentoring program to promote employee development. New family members will have the opportunity to be paired with more experienced staff to adjust to the TMV environment quickly and grow professionally through the interaction with a mentor.


Create a “Family” atmosphere in the working environment

We have been developing our benefit programs continuously to recognize your contribution and make your working environment as supportive and welcoming as possible.

Our benefits include:

  • Competitive salaries
  • Performance-based incentives
  • Daily pick up service by company car (Hanoi – Vinh Phuc)
  • Lunch fee support
  • Holiday fee support
  • Health check
  • Suggestion / Kaizen Reward
  • Insurance program

You will also be able to join in with our various social and sporting events – a great way to make new friends and share fun time with your family: Family day, Year-end party, Ekiden run, Soccer Competition, etc...