Term & condition

Rules and regulations

We, Vietnam’s Toyota Automobile (or TMV), welcome you to visit our company’s website at http://www.toyotavn.com.vn. We would like to thank you for supporting our products and visiting our web page.
Please take a few minutes to read and understand the legal agreements between customers and TMV as stated below. Through visiting, browsing and using information from our website, you come to admit that you have read and totally agreed to comply with the adjustments of these rules and regulations. If you do not agree with these rules and regulations, please do not use the information from our web page.

Customers’ information

Protecting customers’ information is crucial to TMV. Therefore, protecting your confidentiality when processing your personal information is the most important duty that we especially take into account.

In some areas of our website, TMV may require you to provide some of your personal identifying information before letting you use a certain service. The information such as name, mailing address, email address and other requirements will be received and stored according to the nature of a specific requirement to serve you best. In other words, all of your information will be used to improve the service quality that TMV provides you.

We guarantee that all of your provided information is stored and kept safe by TMV’s optimal security procedure and policy to prevent your information from illegal use, destruction, modification and disclosure except for the following situations:

  • We can disclose your personal information to a third party with your agreement.
  • We can disclose your personal information to our branch office/agent and those who are in charge of doing research on the product. These individuals will utilize your personal information under restricted permissions and will not be allowed to share it with any other person.
  • We can disclose your personal information upon request by the authority or when we think it is necessary to a) comply with the law and other legal requirements, b) protect the rights and properties of TMV or our collaborating companies, c) prevent crimes or protect the country or d) protect the safety of the product user or other people. 

Copyright and authorization information

All of the information appearing on this web page include but not restricted to: names of automobile models, the slogan “Leading Mobility”, names of programs and activities, logos, documents, graphics and symbols and other written texts are subject to the  intellectual authorization and copyrights by TMV.

Also, all the information in this web page is legally protected from unauthorized copying, reproducing, reissuing, broadcasting, distributing or utilizing for any side project without the written consent by TMV. Especially with the TMV symbol and logo, all utilization, downloading, copying and distributing in any form are strictly prohibited.

In some special situations, TMV allows you to partly and non-exclusively, and non-transformingly download and display the contents of our website only on your personal computer and only for personal, non-profitable purposes. The permission exists under the following conditions:

  • You are prohibited to alter the displayed information on this web page. All information about authorization and copyright of the information must be fully reserved. You also must comply with any term, condition or information included in the content of this web page.
  • You are prohibited to modify under any format or copy, publicize, display, distribute or utilize the content of our web page for commercialization or propagandizing purposes.
  • You are prohibited to copy any content from our web page to any other web page or other media. 

That you cannot comply with the rules, regulations and agreements of this web page may result in the automatic revocation of any of your rights and privileges without advanced notification. You also need to destroy all illegal copies of the downloaded content that you currently possess or control.

Beside the restricted permissions mentioned above, TMV does not granted any concrete or implied rights or license to any of the inventions, physical authorizations, copyrights, brand names, trademarks or intellectual authorizations.

Content and product’s price alteration.

All illustrating graphics, information, data and prices displayed on this web page are accurate at the updated time. All automobile prices are displayed as retail prices. However, TMV reserves the right to alter or eliminate these models, designs, data and prices of the displayed product any time without advance notification.
Please contact TMV or your local distributing agents for the most detailed, updated and accurate information.

Some exemplifications of responsibility

  • Responsibility of data protection

All information displayed on this web page is provided by TMV and totally legal. TMV always strives to update you with the most accurate information. Nonetheless, during the data processing procedure, this web page may contain some technical errors or typos. Therefore, the information on this web page is not guaranteed to be complete, accurate or up to date. In any circumstances, TMV is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage or any special consequentially-implied caution of any form related to or derived from the information on this web page or from any web pages linked or browsed from this web page. TMV is also exemplified from all responsibilities of third-party’s browsing, downloading and using of any data, information regarding to TMV’s products or services even when TMV has explicitly cautioned of possible damages.

  • Other external links

This web page may contain links to other web pages provided by TMV at your convenience. Nonetheless, this does not mean that TMV should be responsible for those pages or this web page under the TMV’s management.
Please acknowledge that TMV is not responsible for executing the regulations of privacy or security of those web pages. Your rights of using those links and applications depend on their policies. Therefore, we encourage users to learn more about the policies of privacy, security as well as other contents of this web page and of the linked web pages before continuing browsing it.

Alteration rights

TMV reserves the rights to alter the above usage policies and any information belonging to this web page at any time without advance notification.
TMV can also update or alter all information about the products, services or programs shown on this website without advance notification. We will publish those modified data on our web page so that customers can always be aware of our collected information, our uses of the data and the circumstances under which we disclose those data.