Hanoi, 19th August 2019 – In response to Global Environment Day and Toyota Global Environment Month celebrated by Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) in Japan, Toyota Motor Vietnam (TMV) has just implemented “Toyota Environment Month 2019” in TMV’s plant with many meaningful activities. This is an annual activity that has been implemented by TMV since 2008, aiming to increase environmental protection awareness of all TMV members, as well as to further contribute to environmental protection in Vietnam. Up to now, this activity has gradually been introduced and conducted in TMV’s dealers and suppliers nationwide.
This year, TMV’s “Toyota Environment month 2019” consists of Environmental protection commitment signing ceremony, “No single-use plastic” Challenge, Toyota Environment Photo contest and Paperless campaign. Additionally, there are also many long-term energy saving activities that enhance environmental conservation in working place, production plant and environment in general. 
  •  Activities within the scope of “Toyota Environment Month 2019”
Environmental protection commitment signing ceremony
On this occasion, TMV’s Top Management and Head of Divisions have joined the Commitment signing ceremony to protect and conserve environment with specific targets. In this commitment, TMV has set its target towards “Toyota Environmental Challenge to 2050” published by TMC in October 2015. (Please see details in the link:
Environment protection commitment signing
“No single-use plastic” Challenge
Recently, plastic waste pollution is a global alarm issue, especially in recent years. Plastics are everywhere and often end up in the Ocean. Being aware of the above urgent issue, TMV implemented “No single-use plastic” Challenge with the direct participation of TMV members; mobilize people around to give up the behaviors, the habits of using plastic bag, single-use plastic products; encourage the use of easily decompose, reusable and environmentally friendly products. In the challenge, TMV carrried out specific activities and achieve certain success. A large amount of disposable plastic products has been minimized at TMV: 36,000 plastic water bottles, 280,000 plastic cups and 3,400 plastic straws per year. At TMV dealers, 100% of dealers have planned and committed: Not using plastic cups, straws, water bottled and plastic bags.
Eco dealership program
Toyota Environment Photo contest
With the aim of raising awareness about environmental protection and paying more attention to the problem of plastic waste pollution, then changing habits to limit plastic waste, The TMV Photo Contest This year's Toyota was organized with the theme "No sing-use plastic". The contest attracted the enthusiastic participation of TMV members, dealers and suppliers, organized and voted on facebook and prized at TMV as well as Toyota companies in the Asia-Pacific region.
Paperless Campaign
This activity was implemented in January 2019 for all members of TMV to minimize the amount of waste papers, helping employees improve the habit of saving paper, protecting trees and protecting the environment. TMV set out the goal to reduce internal paper documents by 50%. Up to now, with positive activities such as reusing single-sided paper, using tables, TVs and projectors to display documents, ... the amount of paper used for internal operations at TMV has decreased significantly. 
Not only toward to environmental protection within the scope of “Environment Month 2019”, TMV has been implementing many environmental protection activities, including:
Waste water automatic monitoring system
In April 2018, TMV invested VND 3 billion in the installation of Waste water automatic monitoring system to further improve the control of wastewater quality before releasing into the environment. In 2019, TMV invested in installing a wastewater treatment system No. 2 with a design capacity of 500m3 / day and night with an initial cost of VND16.5 billion. Up to now, TMV has two wastewater treatment systems operating at the same time with a total processing capacity of up to 950m3 / day and night. The well-invested and good quality wastewater monitoring system and the amount of waste water after treatment meets the requirements of the Vietnamese Law (National technical regulation on industrial wastewater QCVN 40: 2011 / BTNMT, column A, Kq = 0.9; Kf = 1,1) .
Water treatment in TMV plant
Promote environmental activities at dealers
In order to comprehensively assess environmental performance at dealers, TMV has applied the Eco-Dealership program since 2019, upgrading from "The Dealer Environmental Risk Audit Programme - DERAP". The program consists of 4 parts: Setting up the Environmental Management System, Environmental Risk Reduction, Improving Environmental Activities and Innovating environment and CSR activities. The implementation of the program at the dealer was periodically checked and evaluated by TMV.
Besides internal activities, TMV also joined hands on plastic waste prevention. On June 9, in Ly Thai To Monument area, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in cooperation with Hanoi People's Committee, Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee and related organizations, businesses launched the national campaign on plastic waste prevention. At the launching ceremony, Toyota Motor Vietnam (TMV) and many businesses joined the Alliance Against Plastic Waste, signed a commitment, announced the action for the plastic waste prevention campaign directed by the Prime Minister.
TMV's representatives receive plaque form Prime Minister
Grant children playground for children from recycle tires
Recognizing the importance of community playground to help children be able to develop both physical and mental strength, TMV has supported the construction of a playground for children in Bac Lieu and Vinh Phuc. The special point is that all games here such as swings, seesaw, slide, tables and chairs, flower basket ...  are designed with the use of disposal car tires in diversified shapes and colors, creating great interest for children. This is not only a creative, efficient way to utilize recycled materials but also a meaningful environmental protection activity.
Tmv grants children playground in Vinh Phuc
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