10-year achievement & announcement Of TSEP in school year 2015-2016

On Dec 21st 2015, Toyota Vietnam Foundation (TVF), Toyota Motor Vietnam (TMV), in cooperation with Ministry of Education & Training (MOET) and National Traffic safety committee (NTSC) to organize the ceremony for 10-year achievement and announcement of “Toyota Traffic Safety Education Program” in the school year 2015 -2016. This is one of meaningful social contribution programs in Traffic Safety field that TMV has been focusing on in the last 10 years.


From school year 2005–2006 – Started operation of “Toyota Traffic Safety Education Program”  
Being aware that traffic condition would be more and more complicated, along with the growth and development of traffic vehicles, TMV has been investing and focusing on education and training activities to raise awareness about traffic safety, especially for pupils – future generation of the country, to partly contribute for a society with better traffic safety culture. With this purpose, TMV, TVF in corporation with MOET, NTSC to implement “Toyota Traffic Safety Education Program” for education and training to raise awareness and skill about traffic safety for primary pupils nationwide. The program has been implemented with various meaningful activities such as: providing traffic safety textbooks for primary pupils, teaching documents for teachers nationwide,  role-play performance about traffic safety in primary school , organizing seminars about traffic safety for teachers, as well as other activities for better socialization. 

From school year 2008–2009: Further socialization  
From school year 2008-2009, TSEP implemented further socialization by annual organization of Traffic Safety contest for provincial and national primary students. Especially, from 200-2010, TSEP began renewing Traffic safety training materials for teachers, edited teaching books, granted Traffic Safety training books for primary pupils and teacher guiding books to primary schools nationwide. New contents were improved to be easier to understand, to remember, and more attractive and practical with 2 famous animation characters: Turtle and Rabbit. Besides, the Program also support provincial Education & Training Department to expand hand-puppet performance, to print and grant big-size Traffic Safety training pictures set as a training tool for traffic safety training in primary school in the whole country.

2015 – 10 year journey 
Being an companion through 10 years with children in the whole country by implementation of various activities about Traffic Safety education, it is said that the big success that TSEP achieved is thanks to the training method “learn for fun, fun to learn” with natural approach with high effectiveness. Thus, TSEP received high evaluation with positive support from MOET, Education & Training Departments, school headmasters, teachers and students nationwide. With positive effect that TSEP achieved, MOET decided to apply materials from TSEP to general teaching program about Traffic Safety that being widely implemented in the whole country.

Impressive figures about 10 years achievement of TSEP:


Moving to the 11th year, TSEP continue implementing 2 meaningful activities, including: 
1.    Provincial Traffic safety contest for teachers and primary pupils in 8 provinces including: Hung Yen, Bac Giang, Hoa Binh, Quang Binh, Binh Dinh, Phu Yen, Soc Trang and Bac Lieu from January to March 2016.
2.    National Traffic safety festival for teachers and primary pupils in 10 provinces selected from provincial contest and provinces which are good at traffic safety education and socialization. This festival is expected to be held at the end of March 2016.

Provincial & National contests focus on the following contents: 
• For pupils (03 parts):
-    Traffic safety skills
-    Drawing about traffic safety in group
-    Poetry composing about traffic safety or aptitude performance 
• For teachers (02 parts):
-    Teaching 1 lesson about traffic safety 
-    Attending meeting and seminar about “Changing method for traffic safety education in primary school” 

With the target to continuously innovate and raise quality of the program, the contents with high practicality are continue to be enhanced and using in this year program to help the students to be easier to apply received knowledge and skill in school to real traffic. Besides, the program continue encourage teachers to be creative and change Traffic Safety training method to be more attractive and easier for the students to remember information from these lessons. Especially, this year, the program add Traffic Safety experience exchange part for students, their parents and teachers with the participation of officers from Traffic Police Department – Ministry of Public Security, promised to bring students, parents and teachers more and more useful experience for traffic safety. Besides, to encourage developing awareness about traffic safety, TMV decided to grant 3 traffic safety models for 3 provinces that have best performances in National Traffic safety festival for better support in Traffic Safety teaching in primary school.

Thanks to positive contribution, TMV is honored to receive the Merit for its contribution for development of Education & Training in Vietnam by the Minister of MOET. This is an acknowledge for positive efforts and contribution of TMV in Education & Training and human resource development in the past years with annual long-term and meaningful social contribution activities such as : Toyota scholarship for technical and environment students, TTEP, Monozukuri, Toyota Musical Scholarship for young musical talent, Toyota Dream car art contest,…

See the clip about 10 year achievement of TSEP at the link below: http://www.toyotavn.com.vn/vi/thu-vien/video/tong-ket-chuong-trinh-tsep-2015

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