Toyota Vietnam continue organizing Toyota regional safety campaign  2017, in order to raise the importance of seatbelt, contribute to the habit to use seatbelt for drivers, as well as other passengers, by that, reduce traffic accident, contributing to a society with safe traffic in Vietnam 

This is an activity within Toyota regional safety campaign that has been being organized from 2014 with the participation of 10 countries in Asia Pacific including Brunei, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philipines, Thailand and Vietnam. According to research of Toyota in 5 Asean countries, there are only 25% driver and passenger to use seatbelt, while seatbelts complement airbags and increase their effectiveness by 15 times2. Furthermore, seatbelts reduce the risk of fatal injury by up to 50% for front seat passengers and 75% for rear seat passengers. 

Through 2 years of organization, the Program has been implementing many activities with attraction from the community such as: Toyota seatbelt art contest,  Toyota seat selfie challenge, in which, Vietnam honored to be one of five countries to have contestant to achieve special prize with an journey to Japan for the contestant and a relative in November 2015.

This year, Toyota regional safety campaign bring a message “Belt on every journey” lasting from Mar to Aug 2017, focusing on spreading seatbelt using habit among the community: A short trip is no excuse to ignore your safety, your car’s airbag are no excuse to ignore your safety, wrinkled clothes are no excuse, feeling restrained is no excuse to ignore your safety, good driving skills are no excuse to ignore your safety.
This year, in order to widely spreading the meaningful message of the program closer to all people in traffic, the Campaign bring a new meaningful video with touching content about a story between a father and his daughter, with the promise conveying the message “seatbelt on every journey” , if you love yourself and your love ones. Video with the name as “The promise” has been attracting thousands of view turns in home page of the Campaign: or in youtube channel:


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