In response to Global Environment Day and Toyota Global Environment Month celebrated by Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) in Japan, Toyota Motor Vietnam (TMV) has just implemented “Toyota Environment Month 2017” in TMV’s plant with many meaningful activities. This is an annual activity that has been implemented by TMV since 2008, aiming to increase environmental protection awareness of all TMV members, as well as to further contribute to environmental protection in Vietnam. Up to now, this activity has gradually been introduced and conducted in TMV’s dealers and suppliers nationwide.

This year, TMV’s “Toyota Environment month 2017” consists of Toyota Eco Garden contest; Toyota Environment Photo contest; Environmental protection commitment signing ceremony; Eco-Driving guidance campaign. Additionally, there are also many long-term energy saving activities that enhance environmental conservation in working place, production plant and environment in general.

Not only toward to environmental protection within the scope of “Environment Month 2017”, TMV has been implementing many environmental protection activities, including: Reduce CO2 emissions in production operation through energy saving activities, continuously improving waste water quality, introduce Hybrid Technology in Vietnam.

Beside the above significant activities, TMV has been continuously implementing social contribution activities, with a focus on environmental protection as our commitment and efforts to become "Green Manufacturer", including Go Green program, Eco Village project, Biogas energy, Toyota Joins Hand to Make Schools Green, etc.

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