Toyota Motor Vietnam (TMV) in cooperation with Hanoi University of Science & Technology (HUST) carries out Monozukuri Program 2017. This Program has been conducted for the last 12 consecutive years with the purpose to create more chances for students and enterprises to approach with deep knowledge about Toyota Production System (TPS) and know-how for success of Toyota. Accordingly, the Program supports enterprises to enhance production productivity and business efficiency in the context of fierce competition currently, at the same time, contributing to improvement of human resources training for Vietnam.

Under the instruction of HUST lecturers and experienced Toyota experts, the Monozukuri Program continues to conduct 03 main activities: training courses, Kaizen showcases and seminar.

The training courses aim to provide and share information on the Toyota Production System (TPS), minimize waste and continuous Kaizen with advanced training method. In which, trainees take a central role in group discussions, case studies, identifying issues right in the day-to-day business practices of the company and proposing appropriate solutions; meanwhile, lecturers act as advisors.

Contents of training courses focus on two main parts: theory and practice. For theory training, trainees are introduced overall about the TPS, including: Components of TPS (Just in time - JIT, Jidoka, Standardized Work); Kaizen & Muda; Warehouse management & logistics according to TPS. For practice, trainees can learn how to apply TPS in reality through plant visits at TMV and one of the enterprises which had participated in Monozukuri program. As schedule, 4 Monozukuri courses for businesses and students will be conducted during August 2017 and March 2018 at HUST and TMV.

Besides, the Monozukuri Program will implement 02 Kaizen Showcase Models in 02 enterprises that have participated in the Monozukuri Program with the purpose of surveying, finding problems, making kaizens and improvement directly conducted by HUST students under the guidance and support of program experts (including Lecturers of HUST and TMV officials). The results of these two Kaizen Showcases will be shared to a large number of businesses and students at the Monozukuri Seminar which is scheduled to be held in Hanoi at the end of this year with participation of representatives of over 100 enterprises nationwide.

The Monozukuri program is one of the meaningful corporate social contribution activities in the field of Education & Human Resource Development that is focused by TMV. To date, the Monozukuri program has trained nearly 1,200 students from over 130 businesses and students across the country.

Information about Monozukuri courses which are scheduled to be implemented

- Course 1: 15th – 19th Aug 2017 (for businesses)

- Course 2: 19th – 23rd Sep 2017  (for businesses)

- Course 3: 14th – 18th Nov 2017 (for businesses)

- Course 4: 13th – 17th Mar 2018 (for students)

Businesses and students who want to attend this program can register to following address:  Room 207A, C9 building, Hanoi University of Science & Technology -  No. 1, Dai Co Viet, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi. Tel: +84-24-38684953 / 0972 302 207, Email:

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