On 23rd Aug, Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) held an awards ceremony for the 11th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest at Mega Web, Toyota's vehicle experience facility in Tokyo's Koto Ward, where the award-wining entries were announced and awards were presented.

Entries in this year's contest numbered approximately 830,000 from 79 countries and regions. The award-winning entries (shown below) were selected among winners in national contests.

Age 7 and under―Gold

"Toyota Knowledge Paradise Car"

Ruwindya Thushadi Indraratne

(Sri Lanka, Age 7)

This car provides everyone with a clean environment, sensibilities and knowledge related to sharing, health and education for building a better future.


Ages 8-11―Gold

"The Suitcase Car"

Hong Yu Liang
(Canada, Age 10)


This is a portable car that folds closed like a suitcase and uses air as its power source. It floats in the air and can help people escape natural disasters, such as tornadoes and earthquakes.


Ages 12-15―Gold

"The Recycle of Dreams"

Victória Bezerra Oliveira
(Brazil, Age 15)


This car brings together people's dreams of joy, love and new ideas. It keeps communities clean by converting organic waste into fuel and helps trees live longer by fertilizing them with its exhaust.


President Akio Toyoda Award

"Mother's Car"



Massiel Esther Salguero
(Bolivia, Age 4)

Comment by President Akio Toyoda

"The drawing's warm theme of 'My dad buys a car for my mom' struck my heart. I could sense the caring feeling of giving the mother of a family freedom of mobility, of making her life easier and enabling the whole family to have a good time together with smiles on their faces. In Japanese, we have the term aisha, which means 'beloved car'. Cars, which Toyota makes, are rare among manufactured goods, in that they are sometimes preceded by the word 'beloved'. I felt both appreciation and joy in seeing cherished family love projected onto such a car, which was drawn in a very sweet way."

Engineering Inspiration Award
"Note Car"

Fatahillah Faisal Rizqiawan

(Indonesia, Age 14)

Engineering Inspiration Award 
The Engineering Inspiration Award is given to the entry (chosen by Executive Vice President Didier Leroy) that most inspires those in charge of car-making at Toyota. Based on the original drawing, TMC's Prototype Production Division reproduced the entry as a three-dimensional model, giving it a moving suspension, a propeller and a built-in music box.
Makes Me Smile! Award (online voting award)
"Toyo Terra Click"

Ana Gabriela Agudo

(Panama, Age 7)

The Awards of this year contest incluldes: One Gold award, two Silver awards, three Bronze awards and four Encouragement awards are awarded in each of the three categories of "Age 7 and under", "Ages 8-11" and "Ages 12-15". Special Awards There are three special awards: The President Akio Toyoda Award (chosen by President Akio Toyoda), the Engineering Inspiration Award (chosen by Executive Vice President Didier Leroy) and the Makes Me Smile! Award (an online voting award).

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