Toyota Motor Vietnam announces sales result and activities in half year 2018

Toyota Motor Vietnam (TMV) officially announces sales and production result in the half year of 2018 from Jan 1st to June 30th.

I. Business achievements:

For Production: Focusing on domestical production and assembly, production volume of Toyota Motor Vietnam reached 25,827 units in the half year of 2018 (increased 26% compared to the same period of 2017)

For sales volume: In half year of 2018, sales volume of TMV reached 25,750 units (excluding the Lexus). In which, sales volume of completely knocked down (CKD) car models reached 25.487 units (increased 30% compared to the same period of last year). This result once again shows the Company’s effort in enhancing local production.

For service turnover: In the first 6 months of 2018, TMV recorded total over 622,000 service units at dealers (excluding Lexus dealers) (increased 15% compared to the same period of last year).

II. Remarkable activities:


- For investment: In half year of 2018, TMV has invested over $5 million, contributing to the total investment up to approximately $200 million.

- For export: In the first 6 months of 2018, TMV's export turnover reached over $34 million, contributing to the accumulated export turnover up to approximately $500 million.

- For localization: Up to now, TMV's supplier network has reached the number of 33, in which there are 5 Vietnamese suppliers. Up to now, TMV's total localized products have reached over 300 types of products.

Sales activities: In order to meet various demand of customer, TMV introduced new versions Hiace, Fortuner and Hilux in June 2018, and scheduled to be available in TMV’s dealers nationwide in August 2018.

About service: In order to bring more benefit to customer, TMV raises service quality and strengthen the value chain with Toyota insurance, Toyota financial service and Toyota’s used car service with the new brand name - Toyota sure.

For dealers network: To meet the increasing demand of the market, up to now, in 2018, TMV opened 04 new dealers (including Toyota Song Lam, Toyota Quang Ninh, Toyota Nankai Haiphong and Toyota Giai Phong – Nam Dinh branch), bringing the total number of dealers in Vietnam up to 51, located in 23 provinces across the country.

About customer care: In 2018, TMV is implementing “Best in town” program in 6 pioneer dealers with the target to bring customer care service quality into a new level. With the target to achieve the perfect Omotenashi, the program focuses on raising the quality of service, sales and especially bring all-time best experience to customer when they use Toyota’s product and service.

For contribution to the state budget: Total investment of TMV in  reached nearly $290 Million within the first half year of 2018, raising the accumulated investment since the establishment reached to over $7 billion (including value added tax - VAT, special consumption tax - SCT, corporate income tax - CIT, personal income tax, import tax,…). TMV is also one of the leading companies in tax contribution in Vinh Phuc province.

For Human resources: In 2018, TMV continue contributing to support the jobs and employments of approximately over 46,000 employees in TMV, in dealers and suppliers, (approximately 1,900 employees in TMV), as well as continuously organize short and long term, domestic and oversea training courses for members of every departments, in order to develop their skills and working spirit. In 2018, for the first time since its establishment, TMV’s member gained 04 gold medals, 04 silver medals and 01 bronze medal in Toyota Asia Pacific skill contests, ranked 4th in the region. This is a very meaningful and encouraging result showing TMV’s contribution in HRD in Vietnam.

For Toyota, QUALITY and TRUST are the Core philosophy in our business. Product Quality & Service Quality are two key elements that earn us a Smile and Trust from Customers. Thus, TMV will continuously make effort aiming at higher quality in every products, sales & service activities, as well as quality in works of every members.


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