Lexus officially introduces amazing products and services to Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City, 26th December 2013 – Today, Lexus Vietnam honourly announces its official launching in Vietnam as well as introduces its first dealer in Ho Chi Minh city – Lexus Center Saigon.  The Lexus Center Saigon will start operation from 2 January 2014 at 264 Tran Hung Dao st., District 1, HCMC. 

Started in 1983 from the vision to create the finest car in the world, Lexus initiated to its legend with the spectacular debut of the LS400 in Ho Chi Minh City, 26th December 2013 – Today, Lexus Vietnam honourly announces its official launching in Vietnam as well as introduces its first dealer in Ho Chi Minh city – Lexus Center Saigon.  The Lexus Center Saigon will start operation from 2 January 2014 at 264 Tran Hung Dao st., District 1, HCMC. 

Started in 1983 from the vision to create the finest car in the world, Lexus initiated to its legend with the spectacular debut of the LS400 in 1989. And now, in the 30th anniversary year, Lexus choose Vietnam as a new market to continue its legend.

Debut in Vietnam, Lexus targets to penetrate into the domestic luxury market and to obtain the evaluation as the finest luxury car in Vietnam by bringing amazing experiences to one to one customer through amazing products, sales and services.

“Lexus aims to get No.1 Customer Satisfaction and set a new standard of premium brand. Thus,  by providing the amazing products to stimulate customer emotion and amazing services with total car life services, Lexus not only meets customer`s demands but also strives to anticipate one to one customer`s needs to achieve the ultimate satisfaction by going beyond customer expectation” Mr. Yoshihisa Maruta – TMV`s President said at the press conference on Lexus grand opening.


Lexus Brand started from the customers and from our quest to create a truly premium luxury car brand fitting customer`s expectation by listening actual customer voice & knows their expectation. After the project started in 1983, 20 designers and engineers were sent to Laguna Beach in Los Angeles from Japan. Listen actual luxury customer voice & knows their expectation. This marked the beginning of Lexus Customer Care.

Inheriting those Lexus spirit, understanding Vietnam customer`s needs is our starting point. Lexus targets its customers who are successful entrepreneurs, high-level CEO or artists. All of them have the same characteristic: discerning and intelligent in their selection & evaluation of what is truly good product or service, which are not expensive things but are things that bring amazing experience and time for them, fit their personality, reward themselves and attach their value to the progressive values to contribute to the development of Vietnam Society.

Based on the customer portrait, Lexus must be created to fit their personality, progressive technology and providing an amazing experience for both drivers and passengers. This experience is brought into life through luxury & dynamic Exterior Design, dynamic performance for driving pleasure, advanced safety for absolute confidence, Architecture for eco-friendly, spacious, comfortable interior with advanced technology, sophisticated finish.

Therefore, starting our penetration in VN market, Lexus decides to introduce 5 amazing products: LS 460L, GS350, ES350, LX570 and RX350, which are core premium models of Lexus Brand and most wanted models in VN market with a wide range of exterior color selections to tailor to own Lexus to one to one customer`s need.

5 amazing products are:

-   LS460L: The Lexus LS (Luxury Sedan) is the flagship model and the pinnacle of Lexus engineering and artistry. From inception, LS has been lauded for its elegant luxury design, sophisticated interior, absolutely quiet cabin, and unsurpassed performance with its advanced technology and ride comfort. Therefore, Lexus LS460L will completely be the most suitable model for customers who are demanding best of the best luxury car.

-   GS350: The Mid-size Grand Touring Sedan is designed to dedicated for Customers who like speed and joy of driving. Owners of GS 350 can revel in the advanced features, ground-breaking technologies and premium materials with modern cockpit, inspiring the driver, comfortable passenger cabin for long journey.

-   ES350: The Small–size Elegant Sport Sedan is designed to excise the customers who are demanding a elegant & comfortable car for multiple usage of business or family. Love the bold and progressive styling, thrill to the dynamic and responsive handling, and relax in the beautifully refined and spacious interior with seating for five, ES 350 will bring the ultimate satisfaction for young and successful customers.

-   RX350: Lexus Radian Crossover is a stunning combination of SUV versatibility and sports sedan-based comfort and refinement with thoughtful accommodation for five, which will meet the demand of the whole family. Discover the excitement and confidence that comes with superior on road and off-road capabilities, customers will find the reasons why Lexus.

-   RX350 is the most wanted luxury SUV in Vietnam market.

-  LX570: The luxury SUV sets the goal of developing an iconic flagship SUV that would offer exceptional performance, conquering multi terrain, yet spacious, exceptional comfortable & luxury cabin. Whether travelling on the highway or through the most challenging off-road terrain, LX570 obtains all the strengths to master the most difficult conditions, together with the retirement, luxury and finesse. For customers expecting a big size SUV for the purpose of business or family in long journey, LX570 is the perfect choice.

Foreseen their expectations, Lexus Vietnam introduces the unsurpassed superior products with the most customer-beneficial price and various color choices of interior and exterior so that the Lexus ownership to be more personalized and valuable.



Retail Price

(including VAT)

LS 460L

4.6-liter V8 32 Valve DOHC with Dual VVT-I & Direct Injection D-4S gasoline engine, 8-speed AT

Interior: Back & Ivory

Exterior: Back (212), White Pearl (077), Sonic Silver (1J2), Mercury Gray (1H9), Sleek Ecru (4U7), Fire Agate (4V3)





GS 350

3.5-liter V6 24 Valve DOHC with Dual VVT-I & Direct Injection D-4S gasoline engine, 8-speed AT

Interior: Back & Ivory

Exterior: Back (212), White Pearl (077), Sonic Silver (1J2), Mercury Gray (1H9), Sleek Ecru (4U7), Fire Agate (4V3)





ES 350

3.5-liter V6 24 Valve DOHC with Dual VVT-I & Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) gasoline engine, 6-speed AT

Interior: Back & Ivory

Exterior: Back (212), White Pearl (077), Platinum Silver (1J4), Mercury Gray (1H9), Sleek Ecru (4U7), Fire Agate (4V3)





RX 350

3.5-liter V6 24 Valve DOHC Dual VVT-i & Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) gasoline engine, 6-speed AT

Interior: Back & Ivory

Exterior: Back (212), White Pearl (077), Platinum Silver (1J4), Mercury Gray (1H9), Sleek Ecru (4U7), Fire Agate (4V3), Garnet Red (3S0)





LX 570

5.7-liter V8 32 Valve DOHC Dual VVT-i & Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) gasoline engine, 6-speed AT

Interior: Black & Saddle tan

Exterior: Back (202), White Pearl (077), Platinum Silver (1J4), Mercury Gray (1H9), Sleek Ecru (4U7), Garnet Red (3S0)………..




Lexus mission is to bring an amazing total car life experience for customer from sales to service by anticipating their needs and beyond their expectation. Throughout the sales, service process, and the ownership, customers will discover that the pursuit of perfection is demonstrated at each interaction – each member of the Lexus family is committed to treating customers as they would be a guest in their home. Therefore, customer can experience One-Stop Service with premium quality, exclusive, advanced and hassle-free services at the Lexus Dealer.

♦  Lexus Finance:

Customers who need finance assistance with flexible solutions, we have Lexus Financial Services, Customer can feel confident to own and drive the Lexus away with the most convenient and hassle-free procedure. Lexus offers a range of financial solutions to ensure that driving away in a Lexus is a carefree experience. Lexus Finance is designed exclusively for Lexus Owners with the package that can be tailored to customer`s needs and fits into their budgets. Lexus Finance offers customers the most competitive interest rate, no service fee, clear transparent procedure and quick credit process.

♦  Lexus Insurance:

Lexus care customers and their Lexus whole life time by Lexus Insurance, special insure exclusive for Lexus owner  with multiple diversified packages to fit each customer`s need.

Lexus Insurance comes with basic comprehensive insurance including Third Party Liability, Physical Damage, Personal Accident in the car. Above and beyond, Lexus Insurance strive to make your insurance as hassle-free as possible with total loss cover, partial theft loss, hydraulic extension, towing service 24/7. With its peace of mind and comprehensive package, Lexus Insurance promises high quality repair using Lexus Genuine parts at Lexus Dealer. Furthermore, with specially arranged hassle-free claim service, Lexus cars will return to customers with shorter key to key time.

♦  3 Years / Unlimited Warranty:

Regarding the warranty, Lexus bring the confidence to customers with 3 years/unlimited km and Lexus car will be taken care by Lexus certificated professional technician using advanced technology equipment in dealership.

The Lexus Warranty starts from the day customer`s new Lexus is delivered and last for 3 years and unlimited mileage travelled whichever comes first. For Paint damage, surface rust and normal battery, Lexus warranties 3 years or 100,000 kms whichever comes first. Corrision Perforation is warranted within 6 years and regardless of mileage. During this period, Lexus Vietnam will replace any defective Lexus supplied parts by professional technicians and advanced diagnostic equipment. Lexus ensures to bring peace of mind for every journeys of customers.

♦  3 Years Free Maintenance:

To ensure that it continues to exceed customer`s expectations, Lexus developed a detailed schedule of required maintenance services to be completed by Lexus Certified Trained Technicians at Lexus Dealership. With the purpose of bringing the optimal driving pleasure to keep Lexus in the best condition, Lexus free maintenance including Labor and Parts costs for 3 years or 60,000km whichever comes first after delivery. We will inspect, replace maintenance parts, consult to keep customer Lexus in the best condition in the program with free of charge This is the first ever exclusive and advance service in Vietnam market.

Each Lexus Dealership has a Diagnostic Centre and specially trained Master Technicians available to ensure that Lexus car is maintained or repaired correctly the first time. In the unfortunate event that car is involved in an accident, Lexus Dealership will professionally restore it to pre-collision condition using high quality original equipment parts, and highly qualified collision repair personnel.

♦  Lexus Genuine Parts/Lexus Genuine Motor Oil:

With the responsibility to ensure best performance & safety, Lexus wants to introduce Lexus Genuine Motor Oil, which help to optimize engine performance and fuel efficiency. With optimal performance and safety standard as top priorities, all Lexus Genuine Parts fitted into Lexus cars are meticulously designed and engineered to guarantee a smooth and destress driving. Tested under various simulated extreme conditions to ensure Quality, Reliability and Durability, Lexus Genuine Motor Oil is manufactured using only high-grade materials suited to increase Lexus cars` engine performance, achieve excellent acceleration performance, improve fuel economy, prolong of engine life.

By anticipating customer`s needs, we strive to create a close total car life service bringing the confidence & comfort to freely enjoy each & every second with Lexus Car.


Constructing in the total area of 4,600 square meter, with the distinctive premium location right at the center of HCM City, the Lexus Central Saigon will be a reliable destination for customers who have been and will be owning Lexus to experience a truly premium exclusive and hi-class service upon their expectation. Applying the Lexus global premium standard, Lexus Central Saigon will operate as the first 3S Lexus dealer in Vietnam, and provide customer with a perfect experience with amazing sales, amazing service and amazing customer care.

Starting from customer`s need, all functional areas in Lexus Center Saigon are designed and arranged to ensure the most convenience, exceptional comfort and ultimate customer even the smallest things in each area to bring the relax and delight for customers satisfaction.

“At the heart of Lexus of the spirit of Omotenashi - hospitality in Japanese, the customers are always at the center of the experience like a special guest in our home. The art of omotenashi  starts when customers visit the Lexus showroom for the first time, and continues at every step of the way such as service after purchasing their first car. It`s more than meeting the customer needs and desires – it`s anticipating them” Mr. Tran Nam Thai – General Director of Lexus Center Saigon said.

♦  Functional essentials: Excitement, Comfort, and Hospitality.

The design of Lexus Center Saigon is based on global premium standard and given consideration of offering fresh excitement and high class comfort. The large windows of the Showroom face the road so as to appeal the Lexus models to passers-by. The entrance and exit are located to be easily recognized and ensure safe. A green space created along the road to the front of the Showroom make it stand out. Customers will feel very convenient from their first experience with the roof parking, an exclusive park and the air lock room.

The interior design enhances the most hospitality for customers and personalizes to their needs. The Service Reception and Showroom Reception is separated to serve each customer`s need but connected and easily recognized. Customer lounge area is located at the centre of Showroom area, so Customers can easily to approach various functional rooms and areas to meet up their needs. Besides, customer can feel peace of mind when their children freely play and enjoy in Kid`s room.

♦  Emotional and Elegant Essentials:  awaken 5 senses of customers.

The highlights of Lexus facility is the art of lighting and illumination system. The lines of lighted eaves using LEDs in the exterior express a feeling of innovation and create an impression of the unique form of Lexus facility. Diversified materials with gentle elegant color combined sophisticatedly to bring hospitality feeling to customers such as black, white, platinum and warm dark wood to create warm and pleasant atmosphere while modern light green glass bring fresh feeling to customers. Entering the showroom, customers will experience the comfort with sophisticated natural aroma and relaxing music.

♦  Service Workshop: Clean, simple and professional – bring the customer peace of mind.

Service workshop has been one of the main concerns of Lexus. The customer drop-off point is always easy to get to, while the vehicle bays are spacious and impeccably clean and tidy.

At Lexus Centre Saigon, the total area for service workshop in the first floor is 944m2, and the second floor is 1,375 m2, with 3 GJ Stalls, 3 BP Stalls, 1 Frame Alligner Stall, 1 Paint Booth, and 16 functional partaking stalls are designed to enhance the clean, simple but efficient working environment for technicians and create a professional and trust feeling to customers. With standard and advanced technology such as 4-wheel alignment with laser technology, Frame aligner, Drying system (Symach technology) at drying stall, Waterbornt paint at Paint booth and Paint storage, which ensures to provide the highest quality of repair and maintenance service to customers.

Moreover, the workshop area is painted bright color to help technicians inspect Lexus cars more easily and preciously. The basic layout is horizontally stalled with an emphasis on ease of use. The Service View Counter is located in a position where customers can see works on their cars in the stalls.

♦  Skillful and professional manpower at all positions. 

The professional SOP and professional HR is one of the most importances to bring the highest satisfaction and reliability for the customers. Thus, Lexus has conducted many exclusive training courses to develop the human resources and hospitality for all staff with the trainers who are Lexus experts, Hi-end hospitality experts in Japan training, Lexus Japan, top luxury hotels in Japan and leading experts in VN having rich experiences in Vietnam hi-class hospitality services including 5 stars hotels, international hospitals and luxury tourism… in order to provide with extensive, specialized knowledge and advanced skills.

Specifically, the training program consists of courses on customer interaction and direct instruction in product briefings from Lexus product experts, courses on professional sale consultants and service advisor with caring mind and hospitality required all the time. In addition, all staffs have been training on the driving performance of Lexus vehicles on the actual roads of Vietnam to understand the usage conditions of Vietnamese customers. Lexus master technicians undergo many long training courses on Lexus cars, in addition to their years of mechanical experience to keep constantly updating with the latest developments in Lexus service engineering and technology.

As a commitment to Lexus customers in Vietnam, Mr.Tran Nam Thai – General Director of Lexus Center Saigon promised “As the official Lexus dealer in Vietnam, we all get together and will make our best endeavor to bring the ultimate satisfaction to customers and set new premium standard in Vietnam”.

With 30 years of history with marvelous achievements, Lexus has been rewarded as one of the best luxury brands in the world with many prestigious awards. At Lexus, we always keep customer`s needs in mind and strive to enrich their life at best by providing the amazing experiences to each and every customers to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction by going beyond customer expectation. Lexus has started to create the legend as the finest luxury car in Vietnam from now on.


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