Toyota scholarship for Vietnamese young music talents 2013

Hanoi, 15th November, 2013 – Today, Toyota Vietnam Foundation (TVF), Toyota Motor Vietnam (TMV) in cooperation with Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism officially announced the implementation of“Toyota Scholarship for Vietnamese Young Music Talents 2013”. In 2013, 85 scholarships worth 340 million VND will be awarded to 85 outstanding Vietnamese students of 5 musical universities /colleges under Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism nationwide, including: Vietnam National Academy of Music, Hue Musical Institute, HCM Conservatory of Music, Tay Bac Musical College and Viet Bac Musical College. This year, for better encouraging students, TVF has increased the scholarship value from 3 million VND as usual to 4 million VND.

For the students from the North, the awarding ceremony for 50 students from Vietnam National Academy of Music, Tay Bac Musical College and Viet Bac Musical College has been organized at Concert Room, Vietnam National Academy of Music, No 77 Hao Nam, Dong Da Dist., Hanoi today, Nov. 15th, 2013.

The awarding ceremony for 20 students from the South is held in HCMC Conservatory of Music on Nov. 21st, 2013 and the awarding ceremony for 15 students from the Central will be held in Hue Musical Institute on Nov. 26th 2013.

Since 2009, TVF has implemented the Toyota Scholarship for Vietnamese Young Music Talents. The program aims at encouraging Vietnamese young music talents make more effort in study and improve their skills to become real artists in the future, as well as making more contributions to the education and human resources development of Vietnamese music field. Up to now, 390 scholarships have been awarded to musical students nationwide. All proceeds of the two music programs Toyota Classics and Toyota Concert Tour organized by TMV have been used for Toyota Scholarship for Vietnamese Young Music Talents.

The criteria of this scholarship are as follows:

♦ Students have excellent study results and achieved high prizes in domestic and international music contests.

♦ Encouraging the ethnic minority/mountainous students have strong efforts and achieve very good study results.

Specially, taking this chance, the MOSCT has granted the merit for Mr.Yoshihisa Maruta – TVF’s Chairman, TMV’s President for his great contribution to the VN culture and music development.

Making speech at the ceremony, Mr. Yoshihisa Maruta, President of Toyota Motor Vietnam said: “Toyota always respects culture in each country, and believes that music can be a good bridge over  the country & country and makes harmonization among people worldwide. Therefore, you will be an important part of the bridge with your talent. We believe that the scholarship, as its role will be meaningful motivation to young talents to further their studies which can contribute to the enrichment of Vietnamese Culture in the future”.

Mrs. Dang Thi Bich Lien – Vice Minster of Culture, Sports and Tourism said: “Toyota Scholarship forVietnamese Young Music Talents program really has encouraged the studying spirits of musical students, that contributing to the human resource development of Vietnamese Music. Although Toyota Motor Vietnam has been faced with many difficulties in business activities in the year 2013, Toyota Vietnam Foundation & Toyota Motor Vietnam still maintain the number of 85 scholarships that are awarding to Vietnamese young music talents. Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism highly appreciate for this lofty activity from the company”.

Over the past 18 years of operation and development, with the commitment of being a good citizen in the local community, TMV has always made positive contributions to Vietnam’s society. Especially, TMV has always put priority to promote the social contribution activities in education, training and human development. Therefore, since the establishment, TMV has contributed more than 18 million USD for social contribution activities in which up to 8 million USD was directly supported to educational activities of Vietnam. 



Toyota Vietnam Foundation (TVF):

TVF was established in October 2005 by the cooperation of Toyota Motor Vietnam, Ministry of Education and Training, and Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism with the initial fund of 4 million US dollars. TVF focuses on supporting socio-cultural exchange and development, especially supporting to improve education and training quality and the development of human resource in Vietnam, including five main activities:

<1> Traffic safety:

  • “Traffic Safety Education Program”: has been implemented annually since 2005 in order to educate traffic safety for primary pupils nationwide

<2> Education – Training and human resource development

  • “Monozukuri course” – Know-how of success in manufacturing and business: has been held since 2005 in order to share the key to success of Toyota to Vietnam businesses and students.
  • “Toyota Scholarship”: has been organized since 1997. Until now, there have been 1,860 scholarships have been granted to excellent students of universities of technology, engineering and environment majors nationwide.
  • “Toyota Scholarship for Vietnamese young music talents”: has been organized since 2009. Until now, 475 scholarships (include 2013’s) have been granted to excellent students of 5 musical universities/colleges nationwide.

<3> Culture & society:

  • “Toyota Concert Tour”: has been organized since 1998 with the purpose to help Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra upgrades performance to international level.


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