Vietnam honorably received award at the 9th Toyota Dream Car Art contest in Japan

Hanoi, Sep 7th, 2015 – Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) has held the  awards ceremony of the 9th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest for children at Mega Web,Toyota’s vehicle experience facility in Tokyo, Japan at the end of Aug 2015. Especially, with the artwork named “Super Toyota cactus car”, Nguyen Pham Nhat Minh of Vietnam , 2nd  grade, Hanoi Technology & Education Primary School honorly achieved the Consolation award in the category of under 8 years old.

Being an annual social contribution activity conducted by TMC since 2004, the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest gives children (age of 15 and under) throughout the world the opportunity to show their dreams about a dream car in the future. After 9 years, the contest has now reached approximately 3 million participating artworks of children throughout the globe and has become one of the world biggest art contests. More importantly, they all show abundant imagination, and they are all unique. Not only do they give inspiration on what new cars to make, they also remind Toyota the kind of responsible global citizen it should be.

The response to this year’s contest was overwhelming: Toyota received a record total of over 875,000 artworks from 81 countries and regions. Then, each country selected 9 best artworks in 3 age categories (under 8; 8-11 & 12-15) to attend the World contest in Japan. After careful marking and selection, the Jury Board including Japanese famous  fine arts experts, professors of fine art universities, experts automobile engineering and magazines, and especially the participation of TMC’s president - Akio Toyoda, selected 30 most excellent artworks to honor at the awards ceremony of the 9th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest in Tokyo, Japan. Accordingly, 30 winners representing 22 countries and regions and their parents or guardians were invited by TMC to attend the awards ceremony. In which, representative of Vietnam, the artwork named “Super Toyota cactus car” of Nguyen Pham Nhat Minh, 2A4 grade, Hanoi Technology & Education Primary School was in the list of 30 best artworks. Nhat Minh was invited to attend the Award ceremony and honorly achieved the Consolation award in the category of under 8 years old.

Super Toyota cactus car

"I wish I had a car that can run on the desert easily as well as explore the ground water to provide for people and camels when they take the trip through the desert". 

This year, gold awards were given to children from Sri Lanka, Romania, and Paraguay across three age categories. In addition, the newly-created Engineering Inspiration Award (selected by Executive Vice President Mitsuhisa Kato) and a special award selected exclusively by President Akio Toyoda were presented to exclusive winners. 

7 and under category—Gold Award 8 to 11 category—Gold Award 12 to 15 category—Gold Award

Toyota Alpha-Bird Car

- The Universal Language Car
Toyota Robo-Fly for girls in need NANO CAR

"A car that makes
it possible to share ideas even when
languages differ"


Dulanya Dewagamage

(Sri Lanka age 7)

"A car that provides a mobile classroom to girls who cannot receive an education"

Ada Maria Ciontu

(Romania age 11)

"A car that changes the environment at the atomic level"

Azul Paz Servin Rodas

(Paraguay age 13)

President Akio Toyoda Award

Dream Society

A car that carries dreams and unites family living far away to live happily


Comment from Toyota President Akio Toyoda

This artwork really conveys a sense of caring for one’s family and having love for one’s community. It has a lot in common with Toyota’s desire to contribute to society by making cars. I hope we will keep making ever-better cars make our customers smile.

Hye In Park

(Canada age 15)

Engineering Inspiration Award 

Ecofix Car

Running on fruit and vegetable compost, a car that will help people and the environment.

Minhal Adnan Sami

(U.A.E. age 9)

In Vietnam, in response to the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest, Toyota Motor Vietnam in cooperation with Department of Primary Education (Ministry of Education & Training) has organized this contest in Vietnam since 2011. In 4 consecutive years of organizing, we were really happy when receiving such a huge number of more than 1.7 million participating artworks of children nationwide. It has also become one of the biggest national scale contests for children in traffic safety field. This shows clearly the widespread pervasion and positive effectiveness of the contest in Vietnam. Especially, attending the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest in 2012, 2013 and 2014 – World level, Vietnam has been honored to have artworks in the Top 30 winning ones and won 01 Silver award (2012), 01 Consolation award (2013) and especially 01 Gold award (2014).  

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