Hanoi, 29th June 2016 – In response to Global Environment Day and Toyota Global Environment Month celebrated by Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) in Japan, Toyota Motor Vietnam (TMV) has just implemented “Toyota Environment Month 2017” in TMV’s plant with many meaningful activities. This is an annual activity that has been implemented by TMV since 2008, aiming to increase environmental protection awareness of all TMV members, as well as to further contribute to environmental protection in Vietnam. Up to now, this activity has gradually been introduced and conducted in TMV’s dealers and suppliers nationwide.

Since 1973, TMC has chosen every June to be “Toyota Global Environment Month”. And since 2003, this activity has been expanded to worldwide Toyota’s affiliates, including TMV.

This year, TMV’s “Toyota Environment month 2017” consists of Toyota Eco Garden contest; Toyota Environment Photo contest; Environmental protection commitment signing ceremony; Eco-Driving guidance campaign. Additionally, there are also many long-term energy saving activities that enhance environmental conservation in working place, production plant and environment in general.

Activities within the scope of “Toyota Environment Month 2017”       

Toyota Eco Garden contest

Being organized in 2 months June and July, the contest has received the most positive response/feedback and participation from all TMV members, thanks to its interesting and meaningful topic  – to create eco-corners all around working places. The contest encourages all members to develop their knowledge about environment, tree planting and caring, aesthetics, creativeness, to utilize environmental friendly and recyling materials in oder to together build green mini garden, bringing a totally new and beautiful appearance for TMV’s working corners.

Toyota Environment Photo contest

The contest has been conducted since 2015, with  the purpose of raising members’ awareness of surrounding environment and biodiversity conservation through taking photo of beautiful and meaningful environmental moments by TMV members. The First prize of this contest will be sent to Toyota Daihatsu Engineering and Manufacturing to participate in the international contest organized in August 2017.

Environmental protection commitment signing ceremony

On this occasion, TMV’s Top Management and Head of Divisions have joined the Commitment signing ceremony to protect and conserve environment with specific targets. In this commitment, TMV has set its target towards “Toyota Environmental Challenge to 2050” published by TMC in October 2015. (Please see details in the link:

Eco-Driving Guidance campaign 

This is a new activity starting from this year, stemmed from the idea that driving does not only save money for each individual, but also allows individuals to help improve the traffic conditions by driving safely and smoothly. The purpose of this activity is to raise awareness and understanding of Toyota's Eco-Driving concept to all objects (TMV members, partners, customers and community).

Other environment activities for reference

Not only toward to environmental protection within the scope of “Environment Month 2017”, TMV has been implementing many environmental protection activities, including:

Reduce CO2 emissions in production operation through energy saving activities

By 2016, TMV has cut 21% of its CO2 emissions per unit of product compared to 2014 with a variety of practical activities such as: By replacing fluorescent lamps with LED lights, totally 11,156 bulbs have been replaced, saving 2,181,107 kwh per year; Installation of compressor inverter, reducing electricity consumption 170,000 kwh per year; Renovation of the central cooling system in the painting chamber, saving 3.0 kwh per product. Insulation of phosphate tank and boiler, reducing the consumption of 1,032 diesel liters per year. Increase the temperature of water supply to the boiler by collecting condensate on the system, saving 7,711 liters of diesel per year.

Continuously improving waste water quality

TMV has also been investing more than 10 billion dong to upgrade the waste water treatment system, meeting Vietnam standards (Standard of QCVN 40-2011/BTNMT column A – water can be used for daily activities), investing facilities and human resources to put into operation the nickel pre-treatment station, activated carbon filtration and disinfection system, and continuously organizing advanced training course to enhance awareness about environment protection for TMV members, etc. To assure that every figure always meets the standard, TMV has been continuously making efforts to innovate, such as innovation in microbiological treatment system to dispose ammonium, nitrogen in daily waste water, and visualize quality of each waste water treatment process by installing an automated monitoring system to detect abnormalities, etc.

Introduce Hybrid Technology in Vietnam

On June 1st and 2nd,  TMV organized "Toyota Hybrid Technology Seminar" to share knowledge and spread awareness about environment friendly technology - Hybrid through series of interactive sessions in Vietnam. As a pioneer of Hybrid Technology, TMV would like to show our responsibility to environment protection in local community. On this occasion, TMV also conducted the test drive and experience of new Prius, the best-selling alternative fuel using vehicle in the world nowadays.

Beside the above significant activities, TMV has been continuously implementing social contribution activities, with a focus on environmental protection as our commitment and efforts to become "Green Manufacturer", including Go Green program, Eco Village project, Biogas energy, Toyota Joins Hand to Make Schools Green, etc.

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