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Student Loan Doan Thu
Loan Doan Thu
National Economics University
Business Administration

"I has recorded many useful information as well as experienced the professional style and manner of TMV’s members through the plant tour today. Hopefully, after graduation I will have the opportunity to be able to work in a professional working environment like this. "

Student Anh Pham Vu
Anh Pham Vu
National Economics University
Business Administration

“Coming to TMV, I could feel the enthusiastic welcome of tourguides as well as their dedicated guidance during the plant tour. Especially, the most impressive thing is the professional working environment of a leading automaker in Vietnam.”

Student Hung Nguyen Thanh
Hung Nguyen Thanh
University of Transport and Communications
Institute of Environment and Traffic Safety

“Visiting TMV ‘s plant is an unforgettable experience for me because I have learned many useful things, especially I am very impressed with the professional working manners of the workers and engineers, clean, neeat, tidy and very scientific working environment.”

Student Linh Nguyen Manh
Linh Nguyen Manh
Nguyen Trai University

"Through today's visit, I am very impressed with the logically organized layout of an automobile plant. In particular, I was very impressed with the professional and environment friendly waste classification system and waste water treatment system".

Tran Ba Binh
Tran Ba Binh
Hung Yen Technical University

“It was very impressive; the plant tour was organized as the plan. After visiting the plant, I had chance to experience a very profession, modern and creative auto production line”

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