Production line

29 August 1996, in our one-year anniversary of Toyota Motor Vietnam’s establishment, the first car was lined-off on the A2 line.  From a negligible quantity in production (6-12 units/year), now, the capacity of our plant has achieved 36,500 units / year. Currently, there are two assembly lines including:

A1 line is for Camry, Vios and Corolla with the tact time of 16 minutes/unit

A2 line is for Innova and Fortuner with the tact time of 18 minutes/unit

Now, we are assembling an average of 100 units a day. Depending on the needs of customers, we will change it conformationally. Sorry, don’t understand the word or meaning.

There are 3 main steps in the Assembly shop:

  • Trim: To assemble the small parts inside
  • Chasiss: To assemble the engine and its parts
  • Final: To as semble the interior (Seat, instrument panel, steering wheel…)

In the Assembly shop, workers use bolts and specific tools for assembling thousands of parts together. To accomplish this, the workers will use hand appliances, put a force gun to tighten the components, then use balancing power tools to tighten last, and ensure the value of each clamping point. All these tools have always been calibrated periodically and checked by appropriate authorities.

One tool is a digital torque check that has been used for checking the value of the clamping point and ensuring its standard. All S-points (the important points on vehicles) will be checked once more by our Audit team before moving it to the Inspection shop.

Due to the small production volume at our plant, so we cannot use 100% automation, but use handiwork in many steps. Thus, we respect the immense and thorough technical skills of all our workers.  However, TMV is always one of the best factories, but with regard to excellence and striving for perfection, the use of human manipulation is key. So far, the TMV factory takes pride in being one of the best quality factories in Asia.