Production line

In 1996, the Inspection shop was also put into operation together with TMV’s plant. It was the final step in the production process before delivery to dealers. To ensure the quality standards, vehicles must be checked through 11 steps, including:

1. S/F:

  • Checking paint surface, inside and outside, sealer lines and joints to make sure they won’t let in water…

  • Checking all slots on vehicles to ensure all of them are in proportion.

2. E/G:

  • Checking the assembly of the engine to ensure the correct parts, pipe joints, electrical wire connector jacks ... of each model are installed

  • Checking the frame condition, S-point bolt

  • Adjusting LSPV - Load Sensing Proportional Valve (vehicles braking system)

3. AI:

  • Checking interior appearance and all functions

4. VP1:

* Measuring and adjusting 3 driving angles of vehicles: 

  • CAMBER: a measure of how far a tire tilts when steering the wheel.

  • CASTER: a measure in the longitudinal direction of wheel

  • TOEIN: adjusting the front of the wheel pointing in towards the central line of the vehicle. 

* Gas loading and headlights adjustment; measurement of light intensity.

5. VP2:

  • Inserting horn and airbag on the steering wheel.

  • Driving test on the conveyor with a maximum speed of 110km/h to test the functionality of the manual transmission and ABS brakes.

  • Checking brake pedal and hand brake

6. VP3:

  • Checking electrical circuit by MI computer system

  • Checking oil leak after drum test (testing accuracy of the speedometer and checking all modes of driving)

7. RPC1:

  • Checking and Fixing all errors

8. SHW:

  • Rain and spray testing from all sides

9. VP4:

  • Driving on the road test, checking ABS brake and transmission, checking noise, car driving straight test.

10. RPC2:

  • Final Audit

11. FI:

  • Input data to computer and move vehicles to car-parking

In order to meet the standards on each step and ensure the highest quality products, at Toyota’s plant, all vehicles must go through the final check by the audit team before moving to the next steps with the motto “quality assurance in each step”. It means that all vehicles are not only checked in the inspection shop, but also in each shop to avoid omission errors to the next step.

Thanks to the core values ​​in compliance with the standards of Toyota Global as well as the tireless efforts of all TMV’s members, we never stop improving ourselves to become the leading automobile assembling and manufacturing enterprise in Vietnam with over 30% of market shares. The love and trust from customers are indeed the greatest motivation for our company to continue to strive and kaizen for more, manufacturing "a better car always."