Production line

In 1996, a Painting shop was put into operation at the TMV’s plant with its task in Topcoat layer completion, which is a step of polish and color for the body. Previously, all imported parts had been covered with 2 layers including ED and Primer.

Now, in order to make the quality standard for line-off, not to mention sealer step, there are 4 layers in painting including: ED, Primer, Topcoat (gloss and color).

In the Painting shop, the standard procedure is summarized as follows:

  • Surface pretreatment: After leaving the Welding shop, the surface of the body will be cleaned and phosphoresced to increase the anti-rust and adhesion of the ED step.

  • ED: After the surface pretreatment step, the body will be embedded in the ED paint tank (Electrophoretic Painting Process – E coat).  This process is also known as electrode position to make a better painting on the surface. After being taken out of the ED paint tank, the body would be dried in an oven to a high temperature for drying the paint and created the hardness of the coating.

  • Sealer & PVC: This step helps seal the edges of steel, against the external impacts during driving (waterproof, anti kicked and noise).

  • Primer: Increases the adhesion of the Topcoat as well as the gloss and color. Currently, we have applied electrostatic painting processes to this step since 2001. It not only makes a better surface, but also minimizes harm to the environment because of salvaging painting. After the primer layer, the body will be in the drying process with high temperatures.

  • Topcoat: It is the painting layer that creates the beauty for vehicles and shows a true color of the vehicle. Therefore, its requirements are included in 3 words "Gloss, durability and reality.” The color will be sprayed onto the primer layer by electrostatic painting process before the final gloss painting. After that, body will be dried in an oven to a high temperature for drying the surface.

Also in the Painting shop, other small steps can be mentioned such as: sticking the plastic sheet (anti-noise) and decals; painting plastic (shell mirrors, door handles and other plastic items…) with the process includes: cleaning surface, primer, topcoat.

Upon completion, the full body will be checked with a fine finish before moving to the Assembly shop.