Toyota Technical Education Program

Toyota Motor Vietnam (TMV) officially continues the Toyota Technical Education Program (T-TEP) by signing the contract with Danang Vocational Training College and Hanoi College for Electro - Mechanic Phuc Yen branch, to further support the training of the automotive industry at technical universities, bringing the best learning and practicing conditions to trainees.

T-TEP transfer ceremony 

T-TEP transfer ceremony at HCEM

Accordingly, TMV together with Danang Vocational Training College and Hanoi College for Electro - Mechanic Phuc Yen branch will open and run 2 T-TEP Centers, renovating facilities, provides new equipment and Toyota specialized tools to improve the quality of teaching and vocational training on automobile repair techniques. Especially, this time TMV will transfer to the 2 T-TEP Centers a full support packageincluding General Repair (GJ) and Body and Paint Repair (BP) training program with total value reached 160,000 USD. In particular, TMV will transfer a total of 2 models including Corolla Altis and Vios (used car), 6 Vios engines4 Corolla Altis and Fortuner gearboxes10 door sets and special kits such as gearbox cutting models, electric practice board, etc. TMV also provides Toyota repair tool kits, specialized tools for maintenance, instructors repairing manuals for students to practice all skills of car repairing technic, especially Toyota cars. At the same time, TMV has provided training courses for the school lecturers so that they can be able to effectively use and operate the sponsorship training package, educate students to meet the global standards of Toyota corporation.

Toyota support package

In Vietnam, Toyota Technical Education Program (T-TEP) was organized by TMV in 2000, aiming at providing not only high-quality technician resources for Toyota dealership system in particular, but also for Vietnam automobile industry in general with a total supporting amount reached nearly 1 million USD and 10 cars have been awarded. After 20 years, the program has been successfully introduced and implemented in 9 T-TEP centers across the country, nearly 3,000 students were trained and practiced skill with real car models and advanced technical equipment, 708 students were recruited to Toyota’s Dealers nationwide, thousands of students were arranged internship programs, hundreds of lecturers were updated with knowledge and skills in car repairing.

 Part of BP package         


Vocational training centers of T-TEP in Vietnam:

• 2000: GJ T-TEP center in College of Transport (became University of Technology and Transport – UTT in 2011)

• 2001: GJ T-TEP center in Ho Chi Minh University of Technology and Education (HCMUTE)

• 2005: BP T-TEP center in HCMUTE

• 2006: BP T-TEP center in Hanoi University of Industry (HUI)

• 2009: GJ T-TEP center in Cao Thang Technical College (CTC)

• 2010: BP T-TEP center in Phu Lam Technical Economic College (or HCM Technical Economic College - HOTEC)

• 2017: T-TEP center in Vinh Long University of Technology and Education (Vinh Long UTE) and Sao Do University, Chi Linh, Hai Duong Province

• 2018: BP T-TEP center in Sao Do University, Chi Linh, Hai Duong Province

• 2019: BP T-TEP center in Vinh Long University of Technology and Education (Vinh Long UTE)

• 2020: GJ and BP T-TEP center in Danang Vocational Training College (DANAVTC) and Hanoi College for Electro - Mechanic Phuc Yen branch (HCEM)