Support Dealer/ Supplier

Building a closed "Green Cycle"

Under the encouragement and support from Toyota Motor Vietnam (TMV), now, most dealers and suppliers have applied successfully ISO 14001 environmental management systems in order to achieve a closed “green circle” from the spare parts production phase, to assembling, sales and services.

For suppliers, since 2002, TMV has applied an environmental program for Toyota’s suppliers in Vietnam with 2 main contents: Applying ISO 14001 environmental management system and remove / replace the banned chemical substances from manufacturing. Until now, all of TMV’s main domestic suppliers have received ISO 14001 certification. In addition, from 2008, TMV has also suggested suppliers to follow the “Green Purchasing Guidelines” in accordance with TMC’s standard. With the consensus and enthusiastic support from vendors, all parts have completely eliminated the usage of 4 noxious substances: lead, mercury, cadmium and hexavalent chromium.

For dealers, until now, 22 out of the total 28 Toyota’s dealers and branches have successfully applied environmental management systems and they have received the ISO 14001 certification granted by Bureau Veritas Certification Vietnam, Quacert and NQA Vietnam. TMV is now providing support for the remaining dealers to apply and implement environmental protection activities to receive this certificate.

In addition, TMV’s dealers have also carried out many waste collection programs since 2002. These programs not only help the dealer s economize costs, but also contribute to saving the environmental resources and environmental protection such as:

  • Waste oil collection: to collect and transfer waste oil to licensed company.
  • Waste organic solvent collection: Organic solvent from the dealer will be collected and recycled by solvent refining.
  • Used bottle and plastic can recovery: Collecting tons of used plastic bottles and cans and transferring to licensed companies to recycle.

Issuing environmental protection manuals

Wishing to raise awareness of environmental protection for dealer network, TMV has developed the manuals on environmental protection based on Vietnam's environmental law with the purposes:

  • To make clear the requirements of Vietnam’s environmental law for all dealers and ensure all activities are in accordance with current laws of Vietnam.
  • To respond to Toyota's policies for environmental protection activities
  • To set up an environmental management system (EMS) as required by TMV.
  • To further improve environmental activities in Vietnam.

This manual has been updated annually to match the Vietnam's environmental law as well as set the appropriate standards to improve the environmental activities at the dealers.


In order to evaluate and manage, environmental risks, TMV has implemented DERAP program to the dealers. It has 5 main contents:

  1. Assign Environmental Promotional staffs that manage all environmental activities in dealer.
  2. Commitment to Compliance with environmental protection
  3. Classification of hazardous waste and non-hazardous waste for transfer to licensed company.
  4. Require 100% of dealers create wastewater treatment system with 3 parts to separate waste oil from waste water.
  5. Ensure 100% of car repairing air conditioner using a recovery and recycling machine, no gas leaked outside.

The dealer will receive DERAP certificate from TMC if completing all 5 contents. Currently, all 5 activities have always been tested and reviewed periodically under the supervision of TMV.