Toyota Vietnam Foundation


In October 2005, Toyota Vietnam Foundation (TVF) was established by Toyota Motor Vietnam under the coordination of the Ministry of Education and Training, the Ministry of Culture, Sport & Tourism with an initial capital of US $4,000,000 with the mission of strengthening communal activities with the aim to develop socio-cultural exchanges, and especially supporting to improve the quality of education and training and the development of human resources in Vietnam with 5 main programs:

Traffic safety:

  • Toyota Traffic Safety Education Program (TSEP): This program has been implemented annually since 2005. It aims to educate traffic safety awareness of first grade pupils nationwide.

Education and Training & Development of Human resources:

  • Monozukuri course – Keys to success in Manufacturing and operating business: implemented annually since 2005 with the goal of sharing Toyota’s secrets to achieve success in manufacturing and doing businesses with Vietnamese enterprises and students.
  • Toyota Scholarship Program: implemented annually since 1997 for excellent students in technical/environment field (awarded more than 100 scholarships/year)
  • Toyota scholarship for young Vietnamese music talents: has been implemented annually since 2009 for excellent students of five music universities nationwide (85 – 100 scholarships/year) 

Culture - Society:

  • The Toyota Concert Tour has been implemented annually since 1998 with the aims to contribute to the development of Vietnam’s culture and support the Vietnamese National Symphony Orchestra to improve its quality and performance levels to meet the regional and international standards.

The main activities