Toyota And I learn Traffic Safety Program

Aiming at improving the traffic safety awareness and skills for primary pupils in all schools nationwide, TMV in cooperation with the Ministry of Education & Training and the National Traffic Safety have organized the Traffic Safety Education Program (TSEP) since the school year of 2005-2006. This is one among 4 main activities within the framework of TVF.

In the first 3 school years (2005-2008), TSEP was introduced and started implementing in a large scale with main and typical activities such as: providing traffic safety textbooks to pupils and teaching books to teachers nationwide; performing short skits on traffic safety theme at elementary schools; organizing seminars on traffic safety for teachers, as well as propagandizing activities in order to bring about more effectiveness for the program.

 School visit 

Central seminar     

Training seminar

Since school year 2008-2009, socialization has been deeply and widely conducted by carrying out Traffic safety contest for primary puplis annually in two scales: provincial and national through which enhancing the local education and training sector’s role in traffic safety education for pupils. 

Provincial contest

National contest

It can be said that, after 10 years of implementation, TSEP has achieved significant setting the initial target of educating the traffic safety awareness for primary pupils nationwide. Besides, with the approach of “learn for fun and fun to learn”, TSEP has provided new teaching methods with interesting syllabuses as well as helpful extracurricular activities, which makes the traffic safety lessons become more attractive and interesting to pupils. Up to now, TSEP has gained encouraging achievements, including: presenting more than 7.5 million traffic safety textbooks to primary pupils, 47,000 sets of big-size traffic safety teaching books, over 83,000 VCDs and nearly 129,000 guide books to elementary teachers. It has also successfully organized 32 seminars about traffic safety for nearly 4,300 key managers and primary teachers, 60 provincial traffic safety contests and 7 national contests and 4 Traffic safety drawing contests – with the theme “My Dream Car”.

Puppet role-play

Drawing contest

TSEP Text book

Thanks to its practical meaning, TSEP has received and enthusiatic participation of pupils as well as kind appreciation from parents and teachers. Especially, due to effectiveness of TSEP, MOET decided to integrate the documents of TSEP into the general teaching curriculum on traffic safety which is being implemented at the primary level nationwide.

As plan, in the coming time, TSEP will be continuously implemented with many innovating contents and forms together with fostering socialization activities in each locality. 

Photo library of Traffic Safety Education Program